About Us

Zilliewear is a dancewear collection conceived through a professional dancers desire to meet the needs of dancers and the art they create. We value the desire to stand out from the crowd and to always look and feel great. We understand the time, work, and dedication you put in at the studio, in rehearsals, and on stage and we use this same commitment in every step of our design and manufacturing processes. We have a strong connection to our local dance community in Chicago where we design and manufacture these special pieces. In a world where we face a “More, Bigger, Faster” mindset each and every day, Zilliewear stands apart, spends time and gives thought to the design, feel, and look of each piece we manufacture. We pride ourselves on a deep commitment to the texture and comfort of the materials from which our garments are made, and also a great fit on various body types. Zilliewear is produced in small batches in an effort to provide our clients with the “custom” feel while alleviating the custom experience of high prices and long waits. Once the current color combinations are gone, they are gone! So get them while they last or youll have to wait and see what we come up with next! We are 100% committed to using local artisans, premium fabrics, and quality structure to bring you the very best quality, comfort and durability.




Lizzie MacKenzie Portrait

Photography by: Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth 



Lizzie MacKenzie, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Zilliewear has been fully submerged in the dance industry since her childhood. Dancing for Giordano Dance Chicago and River North Dance Chicago as well as many pick up companies and theater companies has brought her extensive knowledge as to what the high caliber dancer wants in their dance wear. As a high school student at Interlochen Arts Academy Lizzie dreamt not only of a career as a dancer but of her own clothing line as well. Almost 20 years later, this dream has come to fruition with her partner Cheryl Farsalas. Lizzie is co-founder and Artistic Director of Extensions Dance Company and Extensions Dance Center in Chicago. Her extensive work with young dancers over the past 15 years has brought her great insight into what the young dancer wants and needs to fulfill both the required attire for an intensive training program and also their own sense of individuality, while maintaining the integrity of proper and clean lines. With size, comfort and quality being of the upmost importance Zilliewear promises to appeal to all dancers, young and old while maintaining the integrity of clean, elegant, creative and fun dance wear.







Cheryl Farsalas, co-founder and Chief Operations Officer, helps make Lizzies creative vision a reality. After earning her Masters degree from Cornell University, Cheryl enjoyed a career in the pharmaceutical industry before transitioning into full-time motherhood. Years later she finds herself in yet another role – as a professional dance Mom. Her daughter, a tiny little firecracker named Zoe, has been dancing since age 3 and has always aspired to dance like – and look like – all the big kids. Unfortunately for Zoe, the fit of even the most expensive dance attire still wasnt’t quite right. The endless search for great fitting dance apparel finally ended with Zilliewear.  These garments fit her beautifully and feel great.  No more pulling and tugging, pinning, tying, sewing or clipping to achieve that perfect fit.  And Zilliewear is made to hold up to countless hours of training, while still shining on stage, at rehearsal, and in auditions.